Hybrid & electric vehicles for business

As a leader in hybrid technology for over 25 years, we can help you navigate the future of your fleet. We offer both hybrid and electric vehicles, all delivering an efficient total cost of ownership, a high standard of specification and impressive CO2 emissions.

Why choose a Toyota hybrid or electric vehicle?

Toyota car charging port

Savings and incentives

Hybrid and electric vehicles have fewer moving parts meaning that servicing can cost less than it does for conventionally powered vehicles. Electricity can be cheaper than conventional fuel, and our electric vehicles allow you to avoid ULEZ charges.

Your business may also  benefit from government grants and reduced taxes for electric vehicles which makes this option more affordable than you think. 

Toyota bZ4X with a man by it

Reducing emissions

Customers are demanding that businesses consider the environment in the decisions they make. 

With our hybrids alone, we’ve saved over 120 million tonnes of CO2 worldwide in the last 23 years and our latest electric vehicles such as the All-New, All-Electric Toyota bZ4X create zero tailpipe emissions, resulting in a cleaner way to drive your business forward.

Driving a Toyota hybrid or electric vehicle

Toyota Proace City Electric being charged

The right powertrain for you

We offer different types of hybrid or electric engines to suit your business needs, so whether you want a fully electric van, or a self-charging hybrid to reduce your business emissions, we can help you to choose the right vehicles for your fleet.

Toyota Yaris with a woman walking past

Drive like you always have with a self-charging hybrid

Toyota Hybrid Electric models seamlessly switch between  electric energy or a blend of petrol and electric power to optimise driving performance. The self charging hybrid system means you can drive like you always have with no need to plug-in.

Toyota closeup of it being charged

Demystifying electric vehicle charging & range

When driving an electric vehicle, your charging and range is dependent on the model you choose and how you drive. We’ve made this simple for you to understand the difference and what you can do to maximise your range.

Low Emission Zone Benefits

In cities, you can drive electric vehicles in low emission and congestion charge zones with no fee, and even benefit from free public charging at some locations.