Used Toyota Yaris

If you'd like to purchase one of our popular used Toyota Yaris models, there are plenty of ways to find what you're looking for with RRG Group.

We have many Toyota dealerships across Greater Manchester and Yorkshire, where our staff will happily help you find what you're looking for, advising you on our range and answering any questions you may have.

Our used car search tool

By searching with our used car search tool, you can quickly narrow down your options to ensure you only see used Toyota Yaris, eliminating all other manufacturers and models from the equation.

To do this, simply select Toyota from the 'make' menu and Yaris from the 'model' drop-down. You can also take a look at our other models, such as used Toyota Verso, Avensis or Prius. Of course, even at this stage not all the vehicles will provide what you need, so there are many other ways to further filter your search.

Most crucially, you can set your preferred budget. This allows you to take out all the cars which fall outside of what you planned to spend, which has the added advantage of ensuring you won't be tempted into breaking your budget.

Other ways in which you can tailor your search include choosing your ideal engine size, fuel type, age, colour and mileage, all of which should eventually leave you a manageable, relevant selection that you can browse quickly and easily.

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Used car service

Once you've bought your car, you can expect RRG Group to continue looking after you and ensuring your used Toyota Yaris remains at its optimum level of performance.

Each vehicle comes with a recommended service plan, and you can visit our RRG dealerships for a full check up whenever you wish. This can be as part of your plan, or whenever you feel it is necessary, for example if you are preparing for a particular long trip.

We also provide MOT checks, and as part of our service we will send you a reminder when your car's MOT is due to ensure you don't miss it.