Toyota Hybrid Health Check

Your Toyota hybrid is a product of forward-thinking and cutting-edge technology. In combining the mechanical and electrical, your car is able to save on fuel costs and help reduce emissions. In order for these two technologies to work harmoniously at their optimum efficiency, it is important for them to be checked by professionally trained technicians.

At RRG Group, we offer a Hybrid Health Check service that specifically tests your car's hybrid system and produces a written report on its current state. This will highlight any issues that require addressing in order to keep your car functioning as it should. Having our Hybrid Health Check done regularly, either as part of an annual service or separately, will also extend the Hybrid Battery warranty on your car by one year or 10,000 miles (whichever comes sooner) on cars under ten years old.

Our experienced service technicians are all trained to the highest standards by Toyota, ensuring that they have all of the latest information on all Toyota Hybrid systems. They have all of the expertise necessary to ensure your car's proper functioning and your peace of mind, so you can be confident they will take care of your vehicle. A full and thorough Toyota service history is also an important part of preserving the future value of your car when it comes time to trade in, so regular checks are key.

Please contact your local RRG Toyota dealership today to find out more and book your hybrid in for a Health Check. Our showroom is a perfect place to relax while we asses and work on your vehicle. We have complimentary teas and coffee, WiFi, and newspapers available. You are of course also welcome to leave your car with us and we will contact you when it is ready for collection. We look forward to hearing from you soon.