Toyota Extended Warranty

We know that buying a vehicle comes with a certain amount of trepidation, even from a reputable source like RRG Toyota. As such, all of our new and Approved Used Toyotas come with warranty, but for added peace of mind we also offer Toyota Extended Warranty. This is a completely comprehensive warranty that covers absolutely everything from MOT cover to body repairs, car hire to hotel expenses.

In the unlikely event that a covered component should fail, under the Toyota Extended Warranty you are able to claim up to five days’ car hire (at £45 per day including VAT) after the first 24 hours. If a repair or replacement of a covered part will take more than 24 hours to complete and you are more than 20 miles from home, you are covered for a stay overnight (up to £150 including VAT).

Should your vehicle fail an MOT, the Toyota Extended Warranty even helps protect you against unforeseen repair bills. Once your car passes, we will pay for all necessary parts and labour, up to the vehicle's purchase price, leaving you nothing to pay but the MOT test fee and first £10 of the repair costs.

Of course, we don't want just any old mechanic or garage working on your car. With a Toyota Extended Warranty, we will send you only to one of our many Toyota dealers and service centres throughout the UK. Only Toyota trained technicians, using exclusively Toyota manufactured components, will work on your car at any time.

A Toyota Extended Warranty represents excellent value for money and offers you the peace of mind that you will never be left stranded should you encounter a problem. For more information on our Extended Warranty and the details of what it covers, please contact your local RRG Group showroom today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

How to extend your warranty

Vehicles must be serviced and inspected by a Toyota Dealer at least once a year (or more frequently for high mileage drivers), on accordance with the recommended service schedule. Find out more about how to extend your warranty by contacting your local dealer.