Toyota The Green MOT

An increasing demand that we put on all vehicles is that they be efficient and as environmentally friendly as possible. Over the years, Toyota has risen to this challenge and, in doing so, has cemented its reputation at the forefront of the green, low-carbon segment. Just like any part of your car, the components designed for fuel saving will, over time and with use, suffer degradation reducing their efficiency and, in turn, your car's.

A standard vehicle MOT in the UK involves checks to ensure that your car meets the basic minimum standards of carbon and NOX emissions, but we feel that your Toyota deserves a detailed inspection and treatment to make sure that it is performing as close to factory specifications as possible.

Symptoms including reduced power, hesitation, poor fuel economy, and rough idling can simply be down to high amounts of deposits in your engine. Our Green MOT helps eradicate these problems and conditions your engine to run smoothly, allowing you to get the most out of your car.

Not only does it include a full standard MOT test on your vehicle, we will also provide an engine treatment using Toyota's Fuel System Cleaner. This treatment is designed especially for Toyota engines to clear your engine of all the deposits that build up over time, clogging inlets, and reducing performance. It gets to work immediately, meaning that you will feel the benefits straight away.

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To find out more about our Green MOT, please contact your local RRG Toyota centre. One of our expert team will be happy to explain all of the benefits and get you booked in. While your Green MOT is carried out by our service team, you will be able to relax with a free fresh tea or coffee, browse the internet using our free WiFi, or flick through today's papers.

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