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For over 20 years RAV4 — the original compact SUV — has embodied a spirit for go-anywhere adventures. And now, the sleek new RAV4 features Hybrid technology and a host of meaningful innovations.

Pioneering Innovation:
At the heart of every RAV4

The new RAV4 showcases a vast array of pioneering technologies with tangible real-world benefits: from the advanced dynamics of a new Hybrid system and reassurance of Toyota Safety Sense, to the ingenuity of a Panoramic View Monitor.

Hybrid: The best of both worlds

Hybrid technology and the all-round talents of the RAV4 have formed a powerful alliance, delivering power and refinement with the benefits of low running costs and emissions.

Effortless performance

The RAV4’s Hybrid system excels at taking the stress out of daily life; the commanding driving position and refined Hybrid power ensures the cabin is a haven of calm. In contrast, the RAV4’s Hybrid system gives you a hit of instant power, whenever required, to find the space you need on the road.

Up to the challenge

For when the going gets tough or when you need that extra traction, the new RAV4 Hybrid AWD delivers instantly, providing you with the confidence to handle those challenging situations.

The power to pull

With a high towing capacity of up to 1,650kg on the Hybrid models, you get to take life’s passions with you whichever RAV4 you choose.

See the full picture at a glance

Appearing for the first time on a Toyota, Panoramic View Monitor combines images from four cameras to create an amazing 360º 3D view around the RAV4.

Displayed clearly on the screen, drivers can choose from two viewing modes: Moving View and See-through View to check for any hidden obstacles or dangers when driving at low-speed, reversing or manoeuvring into or out of tight parking spaces.

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