Toyota Prius and Hilux Winners in the Carbuyer Car of the Year Awards

6 October 2021

Toyota Hilux is Pick-up and 4×4 Van of the Year

Toyota has collected two honours in the 2022 Carbuyer Car of the Year Awards with Prius named Best Used Hybrid and Hilux Best Used Pick-up.

Announced today, the awards recognise the essential quality, reliability and durability that define Toyota models, whether they’re designed for everyday driving or equipped to tackle the harshest environments.

Richard Ingram, Carbuyer Editor, said: “The Toyota Hilux has a well-deserved reputation as a virtually unbreakable workhorse, which makes it an extremely attractive pick-up on the used market. If it does happen to go wrong, it’s very likely buyers will have a good chunk of the impressive 10-year manufacturer warranty to rely on, too.”

Announcing the award for Prius, he commented: “Prius is yet another case study in the solid build quality and enduring reliability of Toyota’s cars. There’s plenty of choice on the used market, so buyers can easily get their hands on what is a very efficient hybrid car for a relatively small outlay. The fact that Prius is surprisingly practical only adds to its appeal and helped clinch victory in our Best Used Hybrid category.”

Ingram makes reference to the new Toyota Relax warranty programme, which gives Toyota owners unprecedented cover of up to 10 years or 100,000 miles for their vehicle. This is as true for those buying used vehicles as well as new car customers: a Relax warranty of one year/10,000 miles is automatically applied when the vehicle is serviced at an official Toyota centre, up to the limit of 10 years from new or 100,000 miles driven. Full details and terms and conditions are available at

Prius is long-established as the pathfinder for Toyota’s world-leading hybrid electric technology and has a reputation for reliability over high mileages. Hilux recently benefited from new styling and a new, more powerful 2.8-litre engine that will further strengthen its appeal for both new and used car customers.