ŠKODA Air Conditioning

Most of us believe the only role of air conditioning is to keep us cool during the summer, but you may be surprised to hear that it will improve your driving visibility by removing moisture from the air and demisting your windscreen. The warm weather is also known to increase driver fatigue, which can be reduced through effective air conditioning.

Using your vehicle’s built-in air conditioning throughout the year will keep the system lubricated, so when you are feeling warm it will be fully functioning. Although air conditioning is designed to last for the lifetime of the vehicle, the system will gradually lose power and develop odours, leaving cars feeling warmer and reducing passenger comfort.

Here at RRG Group, we are able to offer everything you need to maintain the efficiency of your air conditioning system for longer.

Does your air conditioning smell?

Over time, the air conditioning system may start to release a foul smell. This is simple to fix and usually means the system needs a clean.

Why should I clean the air conditioning system?

Condensation can gradually enter a vehicle’s air conditioning system and mix with the built-up dirt, dust and pollutants. This damp environment will encourage micro-organisms to breed and release an unpleasant odour.

Why does condensation enter the system?

Within the air conditioning system lies an evaporator which uses a series of fins to cool the air. The fins are designed to offer the maximum surface area possible, so that the largest amount of air can be cooled as quickly as possible. This cooling effect is developed through the user of refrigerant, which causes any moisture in the surrounding area to settle on the evaporator as condensation. If the air conditioning isn’t used the gaps within the evaporator become warm and damp, which will encourage bacteria to grow and thrive.

How can RRG help?

Our ŠKODA approved disinfectant treatment will quickly get to work by disinfecting the system and removing bugs, so that your car smells like new again. The treatment is designed to get to the cause of the problem quickly, so that we can offer the service at very competitive prices.

When it comes to maintaining your ŠKODA, we want our service to be thorough, so our air conditioning service will check the system for leaks and remove any contamination or pollen in the system. Once everything is clean, we will carry out checks to the system’s functioning and individual components. Our service is designed to completely clean the system, so that you are breathing in clean air, which is particularly beneficial to those with allergies or asthma.

Alongside cleaning the system, we recommend a system re-gas every two years, as it will maintain the air conditioning system, improve performance, and reduce your fuel consumption. It is estimated that around 10% of the refrigerant gas will seep out of the system each year, resulting in a gradually decreasing level of efficiency.

Beware of imitation products

There are many ineffective cleaning products on the market, which temporarily mask bad odours. However, they are only partially effective as they do not solve the underlying issues by cleaning the hard to reach areas. The ŠKODA-approved treatment we use will thoroughly disinfect the whole system using an expertly designed applicator. The treatment creates a vapour of droplets which are less than five micron in diameter, so are able to fully circulate throughout the evaporator fins.

Our ŠKODA treatment is water based, so is designed to be non-toxic, non-flammable and non-irritating. This means the car is left ready for use straight away, unlike many imitation treatments which need extensive ventilation time.

Our convenient centre is perfect for ŠKODA drivers in the Bolton and Rochdale areas. With comfortable waiting rooms and skilled technicians, we are ideally located for people looking for air conditioning treatments and services. To find out more about our services, or to book an appointment, please contact our team today.