Wheel Alignment


The alignment of your wheels is vital to ensure that your tyres last for as long as possible, as well as ensuring steering and engine efficiency. Misaligned wheels could mean you'll have to replace your tyres prematurely and can also lead to poor fuel consumption. An RRG wheel alignment check involves checking the direction and angle of the wheels against the manufacturers guidelines and then tweaking the wheels if necessary.

What can go wrong with your wheel alignment?

Wheels are quite easily knocked out of alignment by going over potholes, speed bumps or high kerbs too quickly, and excessive wear to steering and suspension components can also adversely affect it. If your wheels are misaligned it is quite evident as the tread on your tyres will be more worn on the inner or outer surface, as well as the vehicle drifting to left or right during driving and braking.

What can you do?

You should try to check all your tyres (including your spare) once a week when they're cold. You should be checking for any damage like nails, cuts, bulges or uneven wear, and make sure that they're the correct pressure. As modern cars can go longer between scheduled services, it is important to regularly check your tyres to make sure that they're safe for the road.

Why choose RRG?

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