SMART Repairs

SMART Repair explained

You may already be aware of the term ‘SMART Repair’. SMART is the abbreviation of SMall Area Repair Technique.

It is a low-cost repair system used to remedy minor interior and exterior damage, improving the condition and therefore value of your vehicle.

The system can efficiently and effectively repair anything from a chip in the paintwork or cigarette burn on a seat to making those kerb damaged alloy wheels look new.

Chips and scuffs:

Repair stone chips, minor scuffs on exterior paint such as panels, colour coded bumpers, wing mirrors and grilles.

Paintless dent removal:

Restore minor dings and dents quickly and efficiently without panel removal or respray.

Alloy wheel refurbishment:

Remove scratches, corrosion and gouges, restoring alloys to their original shiny condition.

Glass repair:

Repair minor damage such as cracks and bull-eyes to laminated windscreens, removing the need to replace glass.

Interior repairs:

Offers an effective solution to damaged trim on vehicle interiors, restoring plastic, cloth and velour, leather and vinyl to nearly new condition.

Textured bumper repair:

Repairs minor damage to plastic bumpers,including deep scratches and cracks.