Peugeot brakes

The trouble with brakes

The brake discs, pads, drums, shoes and fluid all need to work well if you want to feel confident you can stop your car safely. Here are some signs of possible problems:

  • The brake pedal feels either softer or stiffer than usual
  • The car or the brake pedal judders when you stop the car
  • Your car pulls to one side as you brake

If you experience any of the above, contact your local Peugeot dealer as soon as possible to arrange for them to check the condition of your braking system.


  • Your car’s braking system will be checked as part of its MOT test
  • Your Peugeot dealer will be happy to check your car brakes for you any time you think there may be a problem
  • Front Brake pads fitted for just £90
  • Rear Brake Pads fitted for just £95
  • Front Brake pads and discs fitted for just £200
  • Rear Brake pads and discs fitted for only £220