Peugeot Service Care Contract Offer
£199 Peugeot Service Care Contract
Peugeot Service Care Contract Offer
£199 Peugeot Service Care Contract

Get a 3 year Peugeot service care contract for £199 when you buy a new Peugeot

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Peugeot Service Care contracts cover a vehicle for all scheduled services (parts & labour) due within the term of the contract for an inflation proof fixed price. 


  • An inflation proof fixed price to cover all services due within the term of the contract.
  • Guarantee of peace of mind that services are carried out by qualified Peugeot technicians
  • Contract can be paid through one single payment or added to the customers finance agreement to spread the cost.


  • Scheduled service systematic operations (excl. arduous service conditions)
  • Age/ mileage related operations- brake fluid, spark plugs, air filter etc.
  • For example, a Peugeot 208 petrol driving 10,000 miles a year, on a 1 year/ 12,500 mile service interval, a 3 year/ 30,000 mile contract will include:

    • 3 x scheduled services
    • Brake fluid change at 2 years
    • Spark plug replacement at 25,000 miles Air filter replacement at 25,000 miles

    Service Intervals

    Fuel TypeService Intervals
    Petrol 1 year / 12,500 miles
    Diesel 1 year / 20,000 miles (Traveller 2 years / 32,000 miles)
    Hybrid 1 year / 20,000 miles
    Electric Initial operation 1 year / 8,000 miles then scheduled services 2 years / 16,000 miles