The first production Fuel Cell Vehicle

The Mirai is at the forefront of a new age of hydrogen fuel cell cars that allows you to enjoy long distance zero-emissions driving. As well as only producing water from its tailpipe – which means no impact on our planet when you're driving – Mirai brings the unique Toyota Hybrid driving experience to a new level.

When you experience Mirai’s silent, responsive and intuitive feel-good drive it will instantly put a big smile on your face.

It all starts with hydrogen

When you pump hydrogen into the Mirai, the gas travels to carbon-fibre fuel tanks where it’s stored

Then comes air

Oxygen from the outside enters through the Mirai’s front air vent

Which makes electricity

Hydrogen and air travel separately to the fuel cell stack where electricity is generated through a chemical reaction

Moving you forward

When you put your foot on the accelerator, the electricity powers the motor which is activated to move the Mirai

Leaving behind nothing but water

In the end, the only by-product of this process is water, which leaves through the tailpipe

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