Meet the team

Vicky Vause

Aftersales Manager - RRG Toyota BURY

Vicky Vause - Aftersales Manager - RRG Toyota Bury

How long have you been in your current role and is that the role you started in when you joined RRG?

I have been in my current role Since July. II joined RRG in Feb 2005 as a Service Advisor at Toyota Swinton

What does your role entail in a couple of sentences?

Running the Aftersales Department. I make sure customer’s service visits run smoothly and every customer is happy with our service. Looking after my team; “a Happy ship is an efficient ship !”

Do you enjoy working with the people you do?

Yes we have a good team here at Bury, some members off staff that have been here many years who have all been welcoming and supportive of my new role

What’s the most rewarding part of the job?

Receiving good feedback from customers. To hear great feedback from our good customer service makes it all worth while.

Do you feel you have a good and supportive environment within the Group?

Yes. On the whole, RRG encourages a supportive working environment , if I ever need any help or support there is always someone I can call or e-mail who will be happy to help.

Is career progression important for you? Do you feel you get the support for this?

Yes progression is important to me , I feel that RRG have given me lots of support in this by firstly enrolling me onto a management development course , but also the help and support from Group I receive as and when I need it.

What’s your most memorable experience throughout your career?

My first promotion to Aftersales Manager after 10 years within group; I felt my hard work and loyalty to the group had paid off.

Funniest thing you’ve seen in your job?

Too many to mention, like the time a customer serenaded me at the front desk.

If you weren’t Aftersales Manager at RRG Bury what would your ideal job be?

Ideally I would be rich and never need to work again, volunteer work would be an option but only if boredom was to set in.