Lexus Winter Tyres

If you’re looking to improve the performance of your Lexus in the colder months - October to March - you need to invest in winter weather tyres. These expertly developed tyres are designed to offer improved grip on road surfaces when the temperature falls below 7°C.

The tyres are manufactured to provide increased levels of silica and natural rubber, with a unique tread pattern for improved bonding with the road. As soon as your Lexus is fitted with our winter tyres, you will notice improvements to the car’s handling and stopping distances.

A set of winter tyres is a great investment and will reduce your vehicle maintenance costs. What’s more, they can be easily alternated with your standard set to increase the lifespan and vehicle fuel efficiency.

Investing in winter weather tyres and alternating between them and your standard tyres can increase the lifespan of both sets and save you money by requiring replacement tyres less frequently.


Should I only use winter weather tyres during heavy snow?

This is a common misconception, but winter tyres are actually designed to provide improved safety in temperatures below 7°C. The winter months are known for being cold and wet with increased chances of ice and snow, so a set of winter tyres will provide you with improved performance across all hazardous conditions.

If I have a rear wheel drive car, do I need to replace all tyres with winter weather tyres?

Yes. If only one set of winter tyres are fitted to the rear axle it will make the vehicle difficult to control and it may skid. It is important that four winter tyres are fitted to the vehicle at the same time.

Will winter weather tyres affect the speed I can drive?

It is true that winter tyres have a slightly lower speed rating when compared to standard tyres. However, this is unlikely to affect your driving experience as a standard H-rated winter tyre still has a maximum speed of 131mph.

Will a winter tyre wear quicker than a standard tyre?

No, a standard tyre is likely to wear faster during that winter months as it is not specifically designed for the road conditions.

When should I refit my standard tyres?

The temperatures in the UK tend to rise in March. We advise our customers to check the temperature in the morning and once it reaches roughly 7°C, fit their standard set.

How should I store my winter tyres ready for the winter?

The best way to store a winter tyre is to stack each tyre in its own bag. The first should be placed on a flat surface and laid horizontally, with the rest stacked evenly on top.

Here at RRG Group, we have a variety of winter tyres in stock for your Lexus and our experienced team are on hand to answer any questions.