Winter Is Coming

The countdown is almost upon us, once we’re over the hump of Halloween all eyes are on the 25th; Christmas. During the winter, it’s always dark and it can become a real chore scraping, de-icing and melting first thing in the morning. Preparing the night before or keeping useful tips in mind can save you a lot of frustration.

Read our 5 helpful tips on how to get around winters cold icy annoyances.

1. Is your icy windshield ruining your mood?

Who wants to scrape the ice off their windshield at 7:30am in the morning (not me)? Save yourself the trouble with this handy tip and rub raw onion on your car windows the night before a big freeze and wake up with a gloriously clear view!

2. Frozen window blades.

Take the stress out of the morning and soak a soft cloth in rubbing alcohol (or the Hendricks in the back of your cupboard) and wipe the blades clean, this should stop your blades from sticking.

3. Has the cold got you locked out of your car?

Ever come to get in your car in the morning and found that the ice has locked you out? This one's an easy one, simply heat up your key slightly using a match or a lighter and very slowly insert into the lock, repeat if necessary. Don’t play with fire!

4. Avoiding a foggy windscreen

Simple, keep a chalkboard eraser in your car and give it a rub. Or if you can handle the chill roll down your window and let some fresh air in.

5. Icy wing mirrors?

Attach bags or spare cloth to your wing mirrors the night before to wake up to clear mirrors, rubber bands are useful to secure. Remove the bags in the morning to find untouched mirrors!

If you have any concerns or want to get your car fully prepared for winter contact your nearest RRG centre for a winter service check.

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