The Kirobo Mini Will Always Love You

Toyota has unveiled a palm-sized robot, the Kirobo Mini. Kirobo is 10cm in height, interactive and ‘is always here for you’. Designed in Japan, the robot has the ability to talk, blink, remember and move its head just like a child; it also comes with a “cradle” which doubles as a baby seat, specifically designed to sit in car cup holders.

It’s true: we’ve come a long way from the Tamagotchi.

The 4-inch companion can chat and even respond your facial expressions; “You look sad, has something sad happened?” Kirobo says in response when it's mother expresses sadness. In 2013 Kirobo even went into space and now plans on making his debut on earth in 2017.


Well, Toyota’s non-automotive venture aims to provide a support to the country’s aging population and shrinking workforce in addition Toyota stated that it hopes Kirobo Mini will “contribute to making life and society more abundant”. As well as a communication partner, the robot could provide a comforting companion for Japan’s lonely and those unable to conceive children.

The automaker plans to put Kirobo on sale in dealerships across Japan next year for around $400 and will be available to pre-order soon.

Does the Kirobo Mini ruffle your maternal instinct?

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