Spring driving - Is your car you ready?

We’re on the cusp on spring, although the weather may not reflect that. Preparing your beloved motor is very important at this time of year and will help you avoid issues later, saving you your hard earned cash. Preparation now will get you ready for your long summer travels.

Wash the winter off your car.

Winter’s always rough, especially for cars. Now is the time to make your car look as fine as the day you bought it. We’re talking vacuuming, shampooing and polishing.

Tip: Pre-wash the grime of before your thorough wash; this will avoid paint swirls and scratches.

Don’t forget the interior either; you’ll be surprised at the types of nasty that you can easily tread into your vehicle during the cold, wet, frosty months.

Tip: The use of a vacuum and brush combination works fantastically to clean your knobs, buttons and crevasses.

Check your oil.

The amount you change your oil varies from vehicle to vehicle, although often it’s twice a year. We would recommend you check your oil at the start of spring and at the beginning of winter. If you’re unsure how then get yourself to your nearest RRG Centre, we’ll help you.

Wiper blades.

You’ll be surprised the amount wiper blades can handle, but winter can take its toll on the rubber. It’s important you keep your windscreen as clean as possible to avoid loss of visibility. You won’t regret it during those April showers!

Tip: Wipe down your windshield wipers with rubbing alcohol to prevent a smeared windscreen.


Summer tyres use a different rubber blend than winter or all year round tyres. The lower rolling resistance of summer tyres make for better fuel consumption and and shorter stopping distances than the winter equivalent. The greater grip and traction of summer tyres make for better, worry-free sunny excursions.

Tip: Invest in cleaning liquid designed for tyres make for a more thorough clean, make sure to use a brush!

If you need any assistance with the above. You know where we are!

Find your nearest RRG Centre now.

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