New ŠKODA App: Show Emotion with ŠKODAJIS

Shortly before the festive season, ŠKODA brings emotions to e-Christmas cards: with ŠKODA’s new ŠKODAJIS, smartphone users can now create their very own personalised greeting cards. Over 150 emoticons or emojis on the topics of Christmas, ŠKODA cars, ŠKODA news, motorsport and humour are now available.

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” says Stefan Büscher, ŠKODA Marketing Director. “The new ŠKODAJIS facilitate electronic communication in an appealing and emotional way. A smart 'Simply Clever' idea to make life a little bit easier for customers and friends of the brand.”

Be it for Christmas, ŠKODA’s current and vintage models, New Year’s firecrackers or heart-shaped hands, these imaginative ŠKODAJIS provide numerous symbols on various topics. The icons are available as a smartphone app, and can be downloaded free to Android and iOS devices.

Emoticons or Emojis are symbols and characters that are used in informal digital correspondence, for example, in e-mails, WhatsApp messages or on social media. The emoticons used most frequently are smileys. The word ‘emoticon’ is a portmanteau of ‘emotion’ and ‘icon’. The term ‘Emoji’, used synonymously, combines the Japanese words ‘E’ meaning image, and ‘Moji’ meaning character.

The extent to which emoticons have found their way into communication can be seen in Britain’s 2015 word of the year: for the first time this year, the ‘tears of joy’ smiley was named word of the year!

In addition to the app, ŠKODA has launched a new website for fans of the brand: where you can create personalised greeting cards and send them to friends.

ŠKODAJIS can be downloaded free for Android and iOS devices.

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