If you're a dog person, this is exactly what you need.

If you’re a dog person, Nissan may have just released a concept car that could change your life.

It’s an early Sunday morning; you’re taking Jasper, your beautiful Golden Labrador out on a play-date to the local park. These trips can be difficult for even the most experienced dog owner, having to deal with your over-excitable dog when it arrives back to your car covered in dirt, leaves and god knows what.

Can you imagine being able to wash and dry your dog in your car so it doesn’t drag the dirt around your house? Letting them easily walk up the rap to the very back? Being able to visually check on your dog during your drive?

Nissan have the ‘pawfect’ answer to all your problems. The Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs is a concept car just been revealed, the model includes a 360 doggy shower, quilted cargo area, boot ramp, spill-proof water bowl, treat dispenser and a two way doggy cam with audio. All of your problems solved!

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