​Have you heard of 'Trunk or Treat'?

The USA tradition, “Trunk-or-Treat” is a celebration of all things fun, spooky and slightly strange. The event kicks off around Halloween (31st October), normally held in car parks; often in schools or churches. The community are invited to dress up their car boots/trunks in a theme of their choosing.

The annual event began in the mid-90s as an alternative to traditional trick-or-treating, it's popularity grew tremendously when the public viewed Trunks as a 'safer' Halloween activity. Upon arrival to the event, the participants park up and open their boots to reveal candy, games and decorations. Families visit the event and walk from trunk to trunk in search of Halloween fun.

All is explained in picture below...

Building the community a block at a time...

Alert the authorities, contact the media, Nemo has been found.

Nom nom nom, i'll eat you up I love you so!

20 Chicken nuggets, large fries, chocolate milkshake and 6 BBQ dips please.

I find you to be, quite ribbiting...

These birds look infuriated.

We'd love to know if you've heard or 'Trunk-or-Treat' before, comment below!

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