Halloween is Scary Enough Without Dangerous Driving

Halloween is a spooky affair; if you’re on the road over the festive period it’s important to be especially careful and aware. Protect trick-or-treaters of all ages to ensure that safe fun is had by all. Unless there are special activities in your area, be especially causious from 4pm to 8pm.


Drive slowly and don’t pass stopped vehicles – the driver may be dropping children off.

Forget your phone – Distraction can be a killer whenever you're driving, make sure all your focus is on the road and not your messages. If you do need to check your phone or make a call, be sure to pull over somewhere safe.

Watch for children darting into the street – Be weary of intersections, parked cars and residential areas; kids will cross anywhere!

Be prepared to yield to pedestrians – Halloween is not the night for impatience or frustration, leave that at home. Let pedestrians cross.

Think… Communicate – Use your indicators and hazards lights. Children will respond to flashing lights and adults understand that it means use caution.


Communicate – Watch each others backs, lets one another know when there are cars around.

Look both ways – Be aware of your surroundings! Not looking could lead to a fatality, is it really worth it?

Brighten yourself up! – I'm talking torches, glow in the dark paint and glow sticks. There are fun, creative ways to light yourself up this Halloween, if drivers can see you the safer you’ll be!

If you think of anymore tips to be safe over this scary holiday comment below, we'd love to hear!

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