Don't Get Stuck Under Your Bonnet

Do you find yourself cleaning your windscreen more than you expected? Now might be a good time to top up your fluid.

This simple task will improve the cleanliness of your windscreen and more importantly, improve visibility. Your fluids will be checked and topped up when you have your car serviced, but it’s important to check yourself and know how to fill if necessary.

Follow this simple step by step guide.

1. Buy the necessary supplies

You’ll need high quality windscreen fluid and a funnel

2. Open your bonnet

Make sure your engine is turned off and locate the bonnet release leaver normally found near the driver’s seat and pull. Lift and prop up your bonnet with the support rod.

3. Find your windscreen wiper reservoir cap

Situated around the front of the engine area, the cap will display a windscreen wiper icon. Release the leash if necessary and open the cap.

4. Add your windscreen fluid

A funnel will come in handy here, pour your liquid into the opening making sure not over fill; there is fill line on the top edge of the reservoir opening.

5. Replace the Cap and close the bonnet; make sure you clean up!

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