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If you're one of the many drivers that do not regularly check their headlights then don’t worry, there’s fleet of drivers out there that will gladly do it for you. Luckily, changing your headlights is a relatively painless process and if replaced immediately can avoid a run in with the authorities.

You don’t need to rush to a dealership for a replacement. This task is actually one of the easiest to complete yourself.

Read below to learn how!

Make sure you haven’t used your car for a few hours before attempting this (they could still be hot).

1. Crack open the bonnet

Lift up your bonnet (the leaver is situated near the driver’s seat) and attach the support rod. You'll access your headlight bulb through your engine compartment, locate 2 lids situated on the opposite side of your lights. Rotate the lid to remove.

2. Which cap?

You’ll find three wires leading into your bulb holder. The bulb holder will be either a screw cap, plastic catch or a metal clip.

  • Screw Cap – Carefully unscrew anti-clockwise and pull it straight out.
  • Plastic Catch – Press down the small leaver on the top of your plug and gently slide it out.
  • Metal Clip – Simply pull up and it will slide out (yes, as easy as that).

3. Out with the old

You should have the bulb and housing exposed, you’ll need to remove the bulb from the cars headlight housing. Firstly grab a rag and hold the base, then holding the round housing (the plate the bulb is connected to), pull the bulbs plug end out of the back of the headlight. Be sure not to hold the bulb at any point.

4. In with the new

Plug your bulb in a reverse the process above; make sure you seal the lid to ensure no liquid enters the headlight.

If all else fails, visit any of our RRG dealerships and our friendly technicians will be happy to lend a hand.

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