Lexus Hybrid Car

Over a number of years, Lexus has pioneered hybrid technology, enabling the luxury car market to benefit from more fuel-saving and environmentally friendly vehicles than ever.

Hybrid vehicles use much less fuel than a car fitted with a standard combustion engine, by utilising a petrol unit that works in tandem with an electric motor. This combination also produces lower CO2 emissions.

Today, a hybrid car is not seen as an oddity and there are a wide range of models now available that appeal to all kinds of motorists.

If you are looking for a luxury hatchback, a sports saloon, a crossover vehicle or a limosine-style car, we can offer, for example, the CT, IS, NX and LS respectively. And at the high-performance end of the Lexus spectrum is where you’ll find the LC. This V8-powered luxury coupé can go from 0-60mph in less than five seconds and is capable of a top speed of 167mph.

At RRG Group, we are proud to be official dealers for Lexus in the North of England, stocking the latest models at competitive prices, including many superb hybrids. Our Bolton, Bradford and Stockport Lexus Centre teams are passionate about all the cars they sell and would love to show you the range, if you’d like to pay us a visit.

In the meantime, take the time to click through our range of hybrid vehicles to find a model that interests you. If you see something you like, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to book a test drive.